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I must say, I’m impressed. As I’m writing this my blog has over 150 views, something I didn’t think would happen. I just wrote and I thought this blog would die in the big blog massgrave graveyard. However, it’s been viewed more times than I thought it would, so if there are any regular readers out there, thank you.

I know 150 isn’t much, but to me it’s actually a lot. I’m not one of these celebreties that makes everyone go “omg! Angelina Jolie is writing about her digestion! Must read about celebrity poo!” Nor does it take up the big things in the news, like Libya, bin Laden and the shitstorm in FIFA(which is just as well, considering that wordpress would probably shut me down if I did). It’s not a commercial blog that says which sort of make up and shaving cream you gotta wear. It’s just a blog about things that nobody really cares about. Maybe that’s why I can be bold and call this blog Vox Populi – The voice of the public, because that’s what we usually talk about. Some of our conversations are about what a major prickhead Strauss-Kahn is(you gotta be biggest bighead in the universe if you have a last name that actually means King), but most of our conversations are about things that only a few of us really care about. Is there really anyone apart from your friends and family that gives a shit if you had a good day today? I hate to be the one who breaks it to you, but no.

Anyway, on to some good stuff. My ranting. Youtube is a wonderful place. On youtube you can find music, funny clips and guides how to open a can of Tuna with rubber band(never searched for it, but you probably can). However, there’s a bunch of useless crap on youtube, things that people should be punished for uploading. Death penalty might be taking it a bit too far, but breaking every finger they have should be a minimum.

I’m talking(of course) about those that upload brag videos. If you’re searching for a song and the 100 first search results are vids of shitheads that feels the need to brag to the world that they can actually play the guitar and thinks they’re as talented as Lenny Kravitz when in reality they’re as talented as a freshly laid pile of camel manure. These exhobitionist that think they’re the most awesome people in the world because they can kinda play the intro to Europe – Final Countdown on an untuned piano after one year of intensive training. If you feel increadibly good then show it to your friends when they’re drunk, and they might actually have the decency to lie to you and tell you that you’re decent. Until then, be a decent human being and spare the world for your lack of talent. Go to Idol or Shitty country’s got talent and make a fool of yourself for everyone there.

There’s another group of people that should have their webcam shoved down their throat. These annoying pieces of shit that spams youtube with their videoblog. 95% of them have an increadibly annoying voice that buries deep in your head and stays there constantly buzzing like a half dead fly trying to take off. “What about the remaining 5%” you may wonder. Well, they’re just so god damn ugly that you want to wash your eyes with chlorine and then claw them out and burn them while screaming “God, someone please remove the images!!!” This is a good example of what you’ll look like after seeing their faces.

All that said, there are a lot of good singers out there who uses youtube to promote themselves in ways that wasn’t possible before. Danielle Ate The Sandwich is a good example, simply because she can play an instrument and her texts are original, which is more than what can be said about 70% of all rappers(there’s the commercial. Now present the dough!). Rebecca Black is a horrible example, however it’s a good example as to why people with good music taste should be given dictatorship over what can and can’t be posted. It would be for the greater good.


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