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Ok, maybe calling them nazis is taking it a bit too far, but it’s good for shock factor, isn’t it? Glenn Beck constantly called everyone not agreeing with him for nazis, so I feel I’m intetled to use it at least for once.

But you might be wondering who I’m referring to. I’m referring to the people walking around thinking they are better than everyone else; the non-smokers. Ok, not every non-smoker is a moral hypochrite, but there are some that are. They’re few, but what they lack in numbers they surely make up for in cockyness.

I get sick when they start going on about how people who smoke are stupid, how they’re lacking the will to quit and are weak and god knows what they don’t say. They say we(and I use it because I used to smoke and was one of them) ruin it for everyone, because since we end up in hospital with different diseases that may be a result of smoking, the society has to pay for it, either by the taxes or by increased health-insurance. I’ve actually heard some go so far as to say we should pay all of it ourselves or that we don’t deserve treatment. In other words; we’re all equal, as long as you don’t smoke. If you smoke you’re not worthy. Is that really moral, or is just what Hitler did, only it’s not directed towards a specific race?

Let’s play these moral cunts game and say we don’t deserve health care because we chose to start smoking, just for the sake of argument. Who else doesn’t deserve health care? Of course those that eat so much they get fat. It’s their choice to go for soda when they could have gone for a glass of water. Why should my tax money help them be healthy? Get your fat asses out and start working out. Drug addicts. I bet most of them weren’t forced to shoot the heroin or sniff the cocaine. So what if they OD and die violent deaths. Their choice.

People who get alcohol poisoning. The poor barkeeper can’t keep a tab on everyone that comes in a crowded club and gets hammered. Let them lay on the street and die and we’ll come pick their corpses up in the morning. Let’s ignore the alcoholics as well, at least until their on their own. Let’s help the family and friends stay away from them, but hell no if we’re gonna help them. People who drive reckless or too fast. They control the speed of the car and if they crash and die a slow and painful death then too bad for them. Let’s just clear the road so the traffic doesn’t jam up. It’s only natural selection anyway, isn’t it?

This is all bullshit. Everyone has the same right to be taken care of, no matter what happens or what you do. We are all equal.

Let’s quote The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

1. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.


25 – 1 Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.


So if they look down on smokers, where’s the spirit of brotherhood? How can they at one point boast about how good people they are and how good the Declarion of Human Rights is, and in the next second brush it all away? Although I want to say that I think they should be dragged down from their high horse and get beaten, I won’t say it(surprised you there, didn’t I?). Ignore these idiots and hope nobody listens to them. We’re all equal, wheter we smoke, drink or think we’re better than everybody else. Personally, I’ll get furious at these moral nazis and when the rage is over I’ll pity them for their ignorance and lack of ability to look in the mirror and see what they truly are. I can do perfectly well without your judgement, we all can, but if you want to be a good person, don’t judge us, offer us your assistance and support in case we wanna quit.


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And an awesome wailing was heard throughout heaven as the terrible hand of the Lord struck upon the earth. And as Almighty God created you, now He calleth you home.


I’m angry. I’m actually furious. Sometimes it’s good being angry, but it kinda sucks when you don’t have a face or an object to turn your anger against. Usually you have a face that you wanna punch, like your neighbour or maybe his kids, or you have an object you wanna crush, like the new IKEA furniture that just won’t stick together even though you’ve looked at the manual 20 000 times and you’re still none the wiser.

You might wonder what has brought on this fury before you settle for the thought that I just had a fart that smelt a bit worse than I expected and because of the stench I’m now in a very sour mood(can’t hit a smelly fart, no matter how much you want to), but that’s not true. What has brought on the rage is a faceless monster who is among those people who should be hanged by their neck until dead. Since I have time(and obviously so do you since you’re reading this shit), I will tell you why.

A couple of days ago my cousins boyfriend was at work. He was outside doing something(I dunno what he was doing, but I doubt it was anything productive) when he heard a little noise. The little noise was a cute little kitten. I’ve seen a picture of this little kitten and it’s melt-your-heart cute. He found this kitten 100 meter from the freeway. No houses, waters or rivers nearby, just office buildings, warehouses and the freeway. Someone had just thrown this little kitten out of their car while driving 90 km/h and hoped that traffic would take care of the rest. Luckily, the kitten which I have named Scarface(he has a little wound on his nose) survived and is now in two pairs of cat loving hands.

The kind of people that do this brings out total fury in me. One thing is killing a kitten, that can be somewhat justifiable if it’s just done quickly and no pain. Not having the balls to do it and just hope that the scared little kitty will be run over by a car is not justifiable in any way. This is why I should be dictator of the world. These kinds of people would be taken care of by the worst sociopaths and killers the world can produce and they would recieve a long, painful and agonising death. I’d bring up old torture methods from the Middle Ages and I would come up with a couple of new ones. After the torture and inevitable death of these people(and I use that term very loosely) they would be beheaded and their heads would be mumified and put on a stake as a warning to everyone else.

Some people should not own animals, simply because they are worse than animals themselves. It’s one thing if you have a dog you can’t control because you don’t have the balls to discipline it or you don’t know how to control it, but for the love of God, there’s a limit to what any functional or non functional, just or unjust, society can handle. These people ought to die terrible deaths, hopefully inventive deaths as well. Hanging and beheading is too good for them. Maybe in the end.

I want one of those guys in front of me, exposed to torture, be given a James Bondish licence to kill and a gun and as I point the gun to their forehead I would look into their eyes and utter the quite epic quote from Boondock Saints II that you see above. Then I pull the trigger and I’ll let The Grim Reaper come and collect their so called souls and drag them down to hell for eternal suffering without relief(make sure you empty your bladder before you go, never know if the facilities down there are sanitable).

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I must say, I’m impressed. As I’m writing this my blog has over 150 views, something I didn’t think would happen. I just wrote and I thought this blog would die in the big blog massgrave graveyard. However, it’s been viewed more times than I thought it would, so if there are any regular readers out there, thank you.

I know 150 isn’t much, but to me it’s actually a lot. I’m not one of these celebreties that makes everyone go “omg! Angelina Jolie is writing about her digestion! Must read about celebrity poo!” Nor does it take up the big things in the news, like Libya, bin Laden and the shitstorm in FIFA(which is just as well, considering that wordpress would probably shut me down if I did). It’s not a commercial blog that says which sort of make up and shaving cream you gotta wear. It’s just a blog about things that nobody really cares about. Maybe that’s why I can be bold and call this blog Vox Populi – The voice of the public, because that’s what we usually talk about. Some of our conversations are about what a major prickhead Strauss-Kahn is(you gotta be biggest bighead in the universe if you have a last name that actually means King), but most of our conversations are about things that only a few of us really care about. Is there really anyone apart from your friends and family that gives a shit if you had a good day today? I hate to be the one who breaks it to you, but no.

Anyway, on to some good stuff. My ranting. Youtube is a wonderful place. On youtube you can find music, funny clips and guides how to open a can of Tuna with rubber band(never searched for it, but you probably can). However, there’s a bunch of useless crap on youtube, things that people should be punished for uploading. Death penalty might be taking it a bit too far, but breaking every finger they have should be a minimum.

I’m talking(of course) about those that upload brag videos. If you’re searching for a song and the 100 first search results are vids of shitheads that feels the need to brag to the world that they can actually play the guitar and thinks they’re as talented as Lenny Kravitz when in reality they’re as talented as a freshly laid pile of camel manure. These exhobitionist that think they’re the most awesome people in the world because they can kinda play the intro to Europe – Final Countdown on an untuned piano after one year of intensive training. If you feel increadibly good then show it to your friends when they’re drunk, and they might actually have the decency to lie to you and tell you that you’re decent. Until then, be a decent human being and spare the world for your lack of talent. Go to Idol or Shitty country’s got talent and make a fool of yourself for everyone there.

There’s another group of people that should have their webcam shoved down their throat. These annoying pieces of shit that spams youtube with their videoblog. 95% of them have an increadibly annoying voice that buries deep in your head and stays there constantly buzzing like a half dead fly trying to take off. “What about the remaining 5%” you may wonder. Well, they’re just so god damn ugly that you want to wash your eyes with chlorine and then claw them out and burn them while screaming “God, someone please remove the images!!!” This is a good example of what you’ll look like after seeing their faces.

All that said, there are a lot of good singers out there who uses youtube to promote themselves in ways that wasn’t possible before. Danielle Ate The Sandwich is a good example, simply because she can play an instrument and her texts are original, which is more than what can be said about 70% of all rappers(there’s the commercial. Now present the dough!). Rebecca Black is a horrible example, however it’s a good example as to why people with good music taste should be given dictatorship over what can and can’t be posted. It would be for the greater good.

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The US President has his first 100 days in office as a sort of landmark, I have my first 24 hours on a blog site as a landmark. Not because I within 24 hours have gotten a million readers, but because after 24 hours my blog has yet to be taken down by the admins to be offensive in every possible and impossible way, or simply been taken down with the reason “Our lawyers aren’t expensive enough to handle the lawsuits you will generate”. So hopefully this blog will still be unseen by the admins, because I doubt it will be within the guidelines of this site. Are there guidelines on this site? I have yet to read them. Maybe I should, so I know what I can write and which rules I will ignore.

I read a news article the other day, a rather disturbing article actually. It was about a bunch of feminists trying to shut down a sex shop. Not the brothel kind of sex shop, but a shop that was selling sex toys and legal porn, approved by the authorities to be within the rules. So this chap was not breaking any laws and he wasn’t doing anyone any wrong, he was just setting a business, and these feminists wanted to close down his shop. Why? Because he was selling porn.

Now what’s wrong with porn? Well, as we’ve all heard, porn makes women look like sexual objects and that by watching porn a man’s view on women will be this; they should be blonde, skinny, have big boobs and be able to do all kind of sexual things that a man desires. Also they should scream a lot. That’s what the radical feminists say.

Now before I go on I would like to say that I support the women’s rights for equal pay and a man shouldn’t get a job just because he’s a man. However, these man hating self righteous bitches who brands all men as pigs and all men should be locked in labour camps because all we do is make the world a shitty place won’t get any support or any sympathy from me.

Here’s a newsflash for you that you might want to consider; men who watches porn do NOT get their view on women from porn. They don’t sit down, watch 5 min of porn and get off and then get up and think “Hmmm, I think that’s how every woman should be and I will now become a politician so that every woman turns out like those girls.” I doubt there has ever been a man who has thought that. If you feminists have ever dated a man that gets his view on women from porn or commercials where women show up in bikinis, then let me tell you this; his view on women is not your biggest problem.

Since I’m a decent guy(I think I was before I could talk) I’m not gonna suggest that these women get sent to the labourcamps that they want men to go to, but I do hope that the media start ignoring the stubborn old hags and don’t give them the press time they so desperately crave for. I’m thinking what if they actually spent their time on fighting for the causes that really matters, equal rights and pay for women and men and all that, instead of branding all men as pigs. Try working with us and not against us, and you might be able to see that we are good for something.

You have no idea how good that felt. OK, I’ve talked about a big thing this time so I’ll move on to a couple of weeks of pure bullshit from now on.

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