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Fashion. I fucking hate that. It’s ludicrous and something that I honestly can’t understand people are willing to pay 100 times the cost just because it’s a brand name. Not to mention all the crazy shit the designers come up with it. I’ll get more into the last bit later.

I admit, I don’t know how to dress. I will wear colours that clash, clothes that makes me look worse than I feel and if I was to shop without aid I’d pick outfits that would make girls run away screaming or fall on their knees and cry, asking God what I had done to deserve such a punishment. When it comes to picking out jeans I pick a pair, put them on and then squat. If they’re not painful then I don’t really give a fuck about what everyone else looks at. the whole “does it fit my body type and does it make my ass looks bigger?” gets one massive FUCK YOU from me. Then I go and grab a couple of t shirts that looks fairly nice. What I have as criteria are the following; 1) Are they pink or have any pink parts in them? If so then it’s a no. 2) Do they actually fit? 3) what’s the price? I really can’t be arsed to spend large amounts of t shirts that I don’t give a shit about. They’ll end up as working shirts or something along those lines in the end so no point spending too much money on them. I’ll pay for a nice shirt that goes with a suit, but a regular t shirt for every day use, not gonna happen. Then I’ll take a few sweaters that I feel suit me.

But that said, most of my t-shirts comes from supporter shops, mostly Arsenal stuff. I have around 10 different Arsenal shirt that I wear, and no girl will ever come near those unless the purpose is to wear them or wash them. They’re not going into the bin. I like them and I wear them. Same with my massive large disney jumper. So yeah, I have no sense in how to dress properly and fashionable, nor do I want to. I have better things to spend my time on, like doodling circles on notebooks and read about fish on wikipedia.

So what’s my problem with fashion? Well, one thing is the cost. How can it be that a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans costs 10 times more than a pair of jeans from another brand that’s not so posh? Quality is the same, and style isn’t that much different. Maybe it is for you twats who knows this shit, but if you have eye for those details you’ll do society a better service at checking spy photos for your military intelligence programs.  Not to mention the t-shirts and jumpers. Who the fuck came up with the idea that it’s a good thing for guys to wear pink? In hospitals they seperate girls from boys by giving the girls pink clothes and the boys blue. Pink is for girls. There’s a reason barbie dolls comes in pink packages and the guns comes in orange packages. The year I graduated we had a bunch of different parties. One was called “Traffic light” where you dressed in the colours of a traffic light depending on if you were single or not. Red was taken, yellow meant you could be persuaded, if you wore green you were open for most, and lastly, those that walked around in pink would pretty much fuck anything with a pulse. So congrats all guys who wear pink; we know that single guys will fuck anything with a pulse, but no need to advertise it or dress like a girl while you’re at it.

So what about the desginer shit that comes out on the catwalks every season, promoted my models that never shower because they’ll fall down the drain of the shower? I’ve seen a video of Russian Neo-Nazis that decapitated a hostage. That made more sense to me than what “walks” on the catwalk in Milan or Paris. I’m wondering if the designers gathers at a massive rave party and takes all kinds of different drug coctails and then head straight to a designerroom where they draw out what people should were. It’s never bold or challenging, it’s always something that a drunk hobo wouldn’t even wear. A couple fucking nude in the middle of the high street would be less attentionwhores than those who would even think about wearing that shit. And if you’re gonna categorise the people designing this shit as geniuses then I’d put them in the same category as dictators and war criminals; evil and insane. I’m pretty sure that the Geneva convention says that you can’t humiliate and ridicule prisoners, so I’m wondering why it’s ok to strap civilians in peace time into something that makes them look like birds who have swallowed different things in peace time.

Fashion sucks, and if you’re one of those that follow the shit that goes on in Milan and Paris I have a word of advice; turn back now, before it’s too late. Start studying and get interested in stuff that makes more sense, like finding out the optimal growing temperature, humidity and amount of rain and sunlight for dandylions.


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