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Unless you live in a god forsaken area you probably have neighbours. Maybe you have one, or maybe you have several. Either way, you’re bound to have one arsehole living near you that annoys the living shit out of you. It can either be because of their kids are screaming all day, they might be rude, or maybe they come knocking at your door at 1 in the morning and ask to borrow some sugar when they know that unlike that jobless hobo, you have to get up in the morning.

Maybe they do all these annoying things because they are complete and utter idiots. It could just be that they don’t have the regular XX or XY chromosone that most people have. It could be that they have special chromosones; the CUNT chromosone, that makes them complete and utter cunts. These fuckers are here because society has yet to find a way to weed out these people and it’s socially unacceptable to put them in special detention camps where they live their annoying shitty lives(another thing Hitler ruined for all of us, but good job on making Fanta and Volkswagen). And before you pull out the racism card and call me a racist, let me tell you that there are cunts of all ethnic background, religion, political views and sexual orientation(apart from gingers, because they have no souls and thus can’t be cunts). But since there are no proof of this genetic error, all we can do for now is speculate.

A second possibility is that yes, there is a God and he has a very evil sense of humour. Maybe he got piss drunk one day and decided to fuck things up a bit and snapped his fingers, and suddenly a certain amount of people on the planet ends up as… cunts. This way the odds of you living next door to one suddenly becomes increadibly high. Or maybe it’s just so simple that the Devil exists, he was pissed that God created something so awesome as me and then decided to annoy all the people on the planet by creating cunts.

If you drop these two theories then you’ve just gotta assume that cunty neighbours have existed in society for quite sometime. Given that it’s not a genetical error then I’m assuming that there’s only one option left; how the cunts are raised as children. If their parents are increadibly cunty, then chances are that their kids will adopt this cunty attitude and become complete and utter cunts themselves, especially the later generations. Since my generation has access to internet, it gives them a chance to come in contact with cuntery and other cunts online, and thus share experiences and give tips and hints. So parents, unless you’re a cunt, check what your kid’s doing online. He might just be learning how to be a cunt.

I say that since the amount of cunts in our society is rising, we need to start doing some research on it. Maybe there is a cure for cuntery. If so, the governments and WHO and UN need to act! Before it’s too late and we become a society where the cunts are the majority. Then we are well and truly fucked.


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